That which lures and attracts

When you find yourself getting very interested in investing your self in something despite the cost;

When you discover the passion to want to know the fullness of that something and learn from it;

When inside you burns the drive to see that thing give its full potential and be a success;

And when that something could be an entity or a person whose visions you are so much willing to support;

Then, that thing or entity or person has got you! You may have not realized it yet, but that thing or entity or person has already got the greatest catch of all... YOU!

Kahalintulad sa isang isdang nabingwit. Sa lahat ng isda sa dagat, ikaw yung isa rin sa mga lumangoy patungo sa pain na ito at nilunok mo rin ito.

But when you know that it is the "Master Fisher of men" who is holding His fishing line, then be lured by His bait and be caught by His hook. Otherwise, swim away quickly!

The day is coming when the Lord shall cast a hook into the sea and shall take up the fish that comes up first. He will open its mouth and take out something that is in it and on purpose give it to them who urged for it.