Miracle called life

Life, as a great work of miracle, always has its own unique creative way of making things wonderful.


Son's workmanship is the Father's workmanship

Last week when I brought my dear old guitar to a small shop for a major repair, remarkably the master craftsman immediately recognized the guitar's workmanship without a doubt. It was his father who made this guitar thirty years ago while he was yet probably an errand boy at that time in his father's big shop. I'm so glad and thankful my precious guitar got restored like brand new with the same quality of craftsmanship just as it was crafted three decades ago.


Do not be exceedingly worried, but pray rather and entrust everything that needed repair in your life into the hands of the master craftsman Jesus Christ; for His workmanship is the Father's workmanship.


Be not cunning; be wise and patient

Watch out for wolves in sheep's clothing; be not one yourselves. You are sent out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be not cunning as the ancient serpent but be wise and patient as Noah; for he waited seven days before sending the dove out again. If you do as Noah did, then when the dove shall return even if in the evening, there shall be in its beak a freshly plucked olive leaf!