His Sacred Heart & His Holy Blood

If even the mere fragrance of His pure heart is able to quicken the waning lights of tired and wary souls, His most precious holy blood that flows like spring from His sacred heart is more than able to bring life to all things dead.


Ears, please hear! Eyes, please see! Hearts, harden not!


On December 24, 2011, the following message was delivered to the nations of the world:

Message - December 24, 2011

That particular message has now come to pass.


Where are God's people in all of these?!

“My ultimate goal is that no Filipino should give up a child out of economic hardships. Who knows that might have been my story too?”
--Grace Poe, Senator of the Philippines

Rephrasing Senator Grace Poe's word into a general statement:
"No mother should give up her child out of hardships."


It rained for a while

Popularity, more particularly in the realm of politics, is like rainfall. When it rains, it pours. But it is only for a moment and it only lasts till its last drop. But what really will sustain good leadership is the time-tested quality of character of a prospected leader. And it is the amount of relevant quality experience that makes possible for a new leadership to be able to hit the ground running.