Scatter those seeds

God has provided us various good fruits for our nourishment. Don't waste the seeds by just simply discarding them away mindlessly. Rather, after you have tasted of the goodness of the Lord and have been satisfied by His blessing, invest a good portion of your time scattering the seeds of those fruits on good grounds where they have a good chance of growing and thriving. In that way, you have shared hope for others to be able to also partake of the fruit you have been blessed. In the future, when those seeds will have grown into trees and shall bear fruits, others too will benefit from the fruits of those trees as you have. Then people of today and the succeeding generations shall rejoice and glorify the Lord for the blessings handed down to them.

Do your part with due diligence and leave the rest to the Lord. For it's for man to scatter the seeds and tend the plants; but it's for God to grow them and make them bear fruit.