Father, forgive me

Forgive me, O Lord Father God; for I have sinned against you which would make me worthy of having a large millstone tied around my neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea. I am terribly sorry for having sinned against you. This sin has greatly cost me all my honor. In the eyes of the particular dear person whom I have wronged, and in the eyes of people who would learn or hear about it, this sin of mine has destroyed my witness to You and it has dishonored Your holy name.

Father, take me out of the pit of spiritual complacency so that I shall not be drifted away any further by the treacherous streams of the concerns of daily life and earthly desires that have choked the fruitfulness of my spirit. This spiritual complacency has caused me to ease my spiritual guards down, which the evil one wasted no time taking advantage of. And now I'm caught in his deadly snare. Forgive me. Give me even just enough strength to endure these spirit-draining, soul-vexing painful consequences I'm going through right now. I humbly and mercifully pray that you'll make these consequences work as divine chastening and correction for my own good - for my desperately needed healing and restoration.

You know I love you, dear Father God, yet sometimes in my weakness, I fall and succumbed to the strong unceasing proddings of this earthly vessel of mine, instead of heeding the promptings of the Holy Spirit within. Now I am so broken. My spirit has lost the joy and my soul has lost the peace. Father, restore unto me the joy of your salvation and renew a right spirit within me. Recreate in me a clean and truly obedient heart.

Forgive me, O Father God. Heal me; for my spirit is so broken. Restore me; for my soul is deeply vexed. Cleanse me and take away my old stubborn fleshly desires and protect my heart from the evil one. Help me in my asking for forgiveness to the dear person whom I have done wrong; for without you helping me, nothing good I would do would restore and repair the damage my sin has caused.

Now more than ever, I plead the blood of Jesus who died for the sins of mankind; for nothing else will cleanse me of my sin but Christ's precious and holy blood. Let mercy and forgiveness flow from your holy blood dear Jesus and wash away my sin.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your love. Thank you, Lord Father God for your forgiveness. With a crying spirit, and a repentant heart, and in a trembling voice, I shall sing your praises; for my sin has no other recourse but your love, mercy, and forgiveness.