Lord God, thank you for the gift of family

The heavenly King came to earth as a little child born to a humble family -- and that event changed the world's ultimate destiny, all because the heavenly Family connected with an earthly family.

Everything of God's creation is all about family. The family is the cradle of God's love for His creation. What amazing power there is that flows through families that it could transform [even the most self-absorbed] women into becoming loving and protective mothers and wives, and transform [even the most carefree] men into becoming loving and providing fathers and husbands. It is in the family where the characteristic qualities of God's kingdom are nurtured, for it is where family members experience and learn the God-kind of love first hand.

The evil one very well knows that society's foundation is dependent upon the strength of the family. How the families of the countries go, so shall the nations of the world go. Therefore at all cost, the family must be protected against the evils that are destroying it.