There is always hope for peace

They refuse to be enemies. Won't you support them?

Despite the deep darkness that the raging war has brought into the lives of many people, yet there is still hope for peace to prevail when people would finally come to realize the futility and irony of habitually resorting to violence (as if it has become the only means) to achieve a lasting peace, and when people decide not to extinguish the light within them by refusing to be enemies with one another no matter how the religious and racial conflicts have forcefully tried to instigate hatred in everyone's heart.

But of course this is impossible by human efforts alone. This is where God's Spirit that works through the hearts of people must earnestly be sought.

[Zechariah 4:6] "Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit," says the Lord of hosts.
Support the campaign "Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies" by helping them share their message to the world. But most importantly, help pray for peace in Israel and Palestine, and for the whole world. You may prefer to do a 3 O'clock daily prayer for world peace plea.

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