Diplomacy and Ambassadorship

They came as total strangers but left for home with new friends and warm memories.
The 30 volunteers of the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB), a German mission which literally means “help a neighbor group,” departed on Sunday after providing free medical services to some 4,500 people here for six weeks.

During the farewell party for the group, “everybody was crying. Nobody had a dry eye inside the tent,” according to Dr. Nina Stucke, 35, a resident of Cologne.


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When volunteers such as them are doing such noble unconditional acts of love, they are exercising authority as heaven's ambassadors.

Many nations of the world today are now becoming more focused on self-interest because of the practice of "internalti
onal diplomacy". They have mastered the art of defining self-interest.

Genuine godly charity is the best antidote to the world's brand of diplomacy.