Footprints on the shores of time


Every year there are people who give too much importance on the shaping of the kind of footprints they would leave behind on the shores of time to ensure their marks in history. But be they footprints of the learned or of the unlearned, the tides of time are no respecter of footprints. For every time the tides visit the shores, the waves of change that they bring will simply wash away whatever marks there are on the sands.

Therefore as this year ends, whatever footprints this year may be leaving on the shores of time, be they good and/or bad, leave them to the waves of change and let us all embrace the dawning of another new year, holding on firmly to the assurance that the Lord will continue to sustain us throughout the next year and the years to come.

Consider a year as just a very long day and a new year as just another new day so that whatever may had been and whatever will be, still it is always worthwhile to thank the Lord, because his love and mercy, which sustain us every day, are new each day.

Have a blessed new year everyone.