A Picture of Love: Nanay's Blood-stain Masterpiece

I was just browsing through my collection of pictures in my PC and I came across this photo, and I remembered Nanay Laida... Yet though I miss her dearly, her light remains in me for all time.

Nanay had the blood of a great artist. I remember this great masterpiece that she created during the last moment of her life as she laid on her deathbed in the I.C.U. of a hospital. At that last hour, even when her body was already rendered totally motionless by physical death, yet mysteriously she was still able to leave behind a great masterpiece. With the bed sheet as her canvass, and her blood as the paint, and the tiny spills of her own blood as her brush strokes, with such unspeakable creativity she was able to paint a picture of Love, a portrayal of the greatest act of Love mankind has ever known.

On that sacred moment of Nanay's life, as we stood by her in her entry into the other side of life saying prayers so fervently as our mournful spirits could say, one after the other we took turns at her bedside and whispered our final words of love to her while crying so hard but as quietly as our very sorrowful hearts could hold. All of a sudden and with no apparent reason, my eyes' focus was turned towards the right side of Nanay's bed as if being gently guided by some unseen hands. To my spirit-uplifting surprise and heart-consoling amazement, I noticed that a somewhat abstract image had somehow gradually formed on Nanay's bed sheet as some of her blood dripped from her operation wound in her right arm and had dropped on that piece of "canvass" and had slowly soaked-in and artistically blotted as if brush strokes by some invisible hands forming what I considered as her greatest work of art which I called "Nanay's Blood-stain Masterpiece".

Like a drop of ink blotting and slowly crawling on the surface of a huge piece of rough paper, my mind is so overwhelmed by the message that Nanay left us with her final work of art. Each time I look at her work and ponder on it, it leads me to glorify God for His Love. Nanay's painting keeps in remembrance how the Lord Jesus Christ, with His precious blood on the Cross, had reconciled prodigal mankind back to God. Nanay also seemed to say in this great "painting" of hers that she is at last finding eternal rest in the Lord's embrace and the sufferings she had endured while she was still on earth were her living sacrifices offered to the Lord. As the scripture had said, "Present your body as a living sacrifice to the Lord."

The scripture also said that "The Life is in the blood", and every person who abides in the Lord, the Lord will become part of their lives. Indeed! The Lord has greatly become part of Nanay's life so much so that her blood painted the Lord on the Cross.