We All Are Pilgrims

At times our path is rough and steep, our way is hard to see; we ask God, "Why is life unfair?" He answers, "Follow Me." --D. De Haan

When a person begins to ask "Why is life unfair?", it is only because he has started to shift focus unto himself. But when a person sets his focus upon the Lord, he begins to recognize that his neighbors are fellow pilgrims traveling the same rough and steep path he is traveling -- each one carrying not his own load but the load of a fellow pilgrim.

If we think that what we are carrying is heavy, let us remember that it is our fellow pilgrim's load that we are carrying and that our very own load, which may even be much heavier than what we are carrying, is being carried by other fellow pilgrim along with us.

We are in the world but we are not of this world. We are pilgrims in this world carrying each other's load just as the Lord Jesus Christ carried all of humanity's load thru Calvary unto the cross that He might lead mankind back to the Shrine, the Father.