When The Person Is The Way

By Frank Mihalic

Suppose you walk into town looking for your wantok's house. You meet a fellow and you ask him where it is. And he says something like, "Oh, yes, just go down that main street there until you come to the church, then turn right and go down two more streets, then turn left... Your wantok's house is the fifth one on the right side of that street."

If you heard all of that, you would probably forget it very easily. So this man sees that you are puzzled and he says to you, "Maski, forget all about the directions, I'll go along with you and show you the way. Follow me."

That is what Jesus means when he says that he is the way...

Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me." (John 14:6)

You who are caught in your own snare of darkness and who is now silently crying inside and begging for forgiveness and mercy, your days of trouble will be over if you let the Lord guide you from the stormy seas you have self-navigated yourself into. Your soul is worth more to the Lord than all the riches you can ever possess through your schemings. Let yourself be free from that wrong way by letting Him direct you into a right course. Let loose of your old self and you will find your renewed soul.

Submit to the Lord's wind. Be not afraid if the wind will blow even harder upon you such that you will be stripped down to bareness. No one is able to put on a clean clothing and smell fresh while still putting back on the old smelly dirty undergarment beneath.

It is only when we truly trust in the Lord that we learn to genuinely care for others and everything takes on a new meaning and beginning.