Fitting In

By Tab and Vanessa Eiler
Kingdom Destiny Ministries International

Many of us are in a season where we feel like we are "building an ark". Our "neighbors" think we're out of our mind as they watch us build this thing we're calling an "ark". "What is that for?" they ask. "How does it work?" they inquire. "Why are you spending your time doing that?!?" Does this sound familiar?

Preparation is a process we must endure in order to produce the "end results" the Father is expecting from us. We cannot lose sight of the necessity of preparation. There may be spiritual "projects" we are working on, that are not meant to "fit" into this "moment".

(Note: Use of the term "project" in this article, not only describes a particular "thing" God has called us to work on, but it is also descriptive of the thing He is doing in "us", thus making us the "project".)

We are part of a process that will "birth" something not yet seen or experienced by mankind. Our work may need to be completed well in advance and placed "on the shelf" to be released at a "proper" time. The Father knows what He's doing and He'll always give us enough information to keep us "sane" and focused while we continue to work on His "project".

Noah must have been laughed at! He must have looked mighty strange building this huge "box" in his front yard! Then, when his fellow countrymen asked how it would be used, and he told them about the rain coming, they must have really thought he was out of his mind! Noah was building something that would eventually float on top of water that would fall out of the sky! Rain had never occurred in the earth's atmosphere at that time, yet God said it would rain... later.

There are "stages" being set in preparation for future manifestations of the Kingdom and there are "props" that must be in place "before" the "curtain" opens. We are the Father's "stage crew". We are a part of His "set design" process. The Father is after excellence. He has given us His all and now He wants our all. It won't be boring!

His "blueprints" have been drawn up long ago. The Father is revealing His plans to us in this hour so that we can build a "product" that will need to be ready "later". The Father is excited! He's waited so long for this moment! It's a moment that will set the stage for a future moment!

At this time, we are involved in birthing something that will become a "now" thing, later. A "prototype" is being established in His name, yet it's our "name" that is receiving all the commentary! We may get frustrated and we may feel like it's too much pressure to build this "ark", but God knows we can do it, otherwise He would have never asked us "to" do it. He is working with us on His project. He is giving us His "meat" in order for us to do and finish His work. The more we embrace the "itinerary" of the Father, the more we will operate in a realm "not of this world". Our life and its associated expressions may appear quite contrary to "the now".

God is shaping our lives and forming us based on His purposes for us. The "now" thing He is doing in us and through us may not be a "now" thing to everyone else. We must be careful not to try to "take the wheel" in order to steer our process in a direction that helps us gain "acceptance with the masses". Our obedience to God may look silly and foolish to those around us, yet our confidence and trust in the Father must endure. When we are confident, we don't need to "prove" to others where we're at or what we're doing for God.

Our lives are the Father's birthing ground for His future events. The nations are waiting on us. There is an earnest expectation for a freshness that will be released through us. We will bring the Father much glory! Many souls will be added to His Kingdom! His name will go forth in a greater dimension! Let's stay in our process and not "abort" His project!

Humanity is counting on us. Today, they may be laughing at us, but later, they will be glad we finished all our "props", when the "curtain" opens.